Vocational training in Germany

To find a job in Germany, a professional or academic education is very important. Germany offers many possibilities for preparing for a career after school:

  • on-the-job professional education (e.g. electronic engineer or industrial clerk) in a company (practical) and vocational school (theory)
  • scholastic vocational education at a technical college (e.g. educator)
  • study at a University of Applied Sciences or a University
  • dual studies with a combination of study and vocational education

Vocational education normally lasts between two and three and a half years and is usually carried out in the so-called dual system. That is to say, it consists of practical training in a company and theoretical learning phases at the vocational college. About 60 percent of youths in Germany complete their vocational training within the dual system. Depending on the subject, studies can be anything between three to six years. Any person who has a vocational baccalaureate diploma/Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) can study in Germany.

The Agentur für Arbeit will support you and/or your children and give you advice when searching for an apprenticeship training position and/or university place.

Tel.: 01801/555 111 (Landline cost: 3.9 c/min; mobile phone cost maximum 42 ct/min).
Internet: Online form
In person: You can make an appointment at the reception of the Agentur für Arbeit (Labour Office).

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