Your health is important to us. To make sure that you stay healthy and if necessary receive the right help as quickly as possible, below you will find information on the German health system and the health care system in Dithmarschen.

Some basic information:


For life-threatening emergencies, dial the telephone number 112 to call an ambulance.

For all other emergencies you can contact the casualty department of your hospital or call 01805 / 11 92 92 to find out which doctor can treat you.

Compulsory insurance

If you live in Germany, you must be insured by a health insurance company.

You may, however, choose your own insurance company. The consumer advice centre (Verbraucherzentrale) will provide you with all the information you need [Link to Verbraucherzentrale], or otherwise consult the Internet.

Free choice of doctor

In Germany you are free to choose your doctor. You can read more about this under the section "Doctors and Hospitals".

Medical check-ups

There are many free medical check-ups which you and your family should absolutely make use of to stay healthy in the long term (e.g. cancer prevention, dental care, regular examinations for children, so-called U-Examinations (free regular examinations for children from birth to early adolescence).

Protection of infectious diseases

Most children in German are inoculated during the U-examinations against the most important illnesses. Ask your doctor to explain the most important inoculations to you. The health insurance usually bears these costs.

Public health service

In addition to doctors and hospitals, there is also the public health department. Among other things, the public health department also performs the school-entry examination for your children to determine whether they are ready for school. The public health department also gives advice on various subjects (inoculations, pregnancy, disability etc.) and also issues health certificates.

You can find more information on the public health system in Dithmarschen at the Family Portal – Health Protection.