Greetings from the District Administrator

As the District Administrator of Dithmarschen County, I am committed to the integration of people with a migrant background by way of politics and the administration.

In our opinion, integration means a culture of welcome which creates understanding 365 days a year, paves the way and opens up opportunities in kindergarten and at school, in the professional and private environment, in commerce, politics and the administration.

A culture of welcome requires a welcoming structure! The administration's task is to set an example and see immigration as an opportunity and potential for development, not only for born-and-bred locals but also for people with a migrant background, and to initiate the appropriate steps.

Welcome to Dithmarschen

Approximately eleven percent of all people living in Dithmarschen have a migrant background. They come from various nations with the most diverse cultural backgrounds and origin stories. Many have been living among us for decades and are often already second generation locals, while others have just recently moved here.

It is absolutely essential to talk to each other, learn from one another and take action together.

For quite some time, the district administration has taken it upon itself to work towards successful integration of those immigrants living in Dithmarschen County. Accordingly, since 2009 we have regularly carried out naturalisation ceremonies, have defined clear objectives and measures in the Dithmarschen County plan of action and have initiated numerous activities within the scope of the XENOS project in conjunction with our cooperation partners.

I hope that this website will be well visited and provide its users with lively, intercultural dialogue.

Kind regards
Dr Jörn Klimant
District Administrator of Dithmarschen County