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1. Content of the online offer
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2. References and links
For direct and indirect references to third party websites ("links") which are outside our scope of responsibility, a liability obligation would exclusively enter into force if Dithmarschen County had knowledge of the content and it would have been technically possible and could reasonably have been expected of it to prevent the use in the event of illegal content. We herewith expressly declare that no illegal content to the linked pages were recognisable at the time the link was created. We have no influence on the current and future design, the content or any copyright of the linked/combined pages. For this reason, we hereby expressly distance ourselves from all content of all linked/combined pages which were changed after the link was created. This applies to all links and references placed on the author's own Internet site, as well as to all entries by third parties in guest books, discussion forums, link directories and mailing lists. Any illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular any damage resulting from use or non-use of information thus offered shall exclusively be within the scope of liability of the provider of the website to which the link leads and not within the scope of liability of the party that merely refers to such publication via links.

3. Copyright and trademark rights
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4. Data protection
Where the possibility to enter personal or business data within the Internet offer exists (E-mail addresses, names, addresses), the user's disclosure of this data is explicitly voluntary. Utilisation of and payment for all services offered is – as far as technically possible and reasonable – also permitted without the provision of such data or by providing anonymised data or through the use of a pseudonym. Please also refer to the "Explanation of Data Protection" below.

5. Effectiveness of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is considered to be part of the Internet offer from which reference to this page was made. Insofar as parts or individual formulations of this text do not comply with the valid legal status, or they no longer or not fully comply with it, this shall not affect the remaining parts of the document in terms of their content or validity.

Explanation of data protection

1. Preamble
We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly comply with the regulations of data protection laws; that is to say, your data are protected within the scope of legal provisions. Personal data on this website is only collected to the extent necessary to meet technical requirements. In no case are the collected data sold. The following explanation gives you an overview of how we guarantee this protection and what kind of data is collected for which purpose.

2. Data processing on our web site
Dithmarschen County collects and stores the information sent to us by your browser automatically in the relevant Server Log Files. These data are stored exclusively for internal system-related as well as statistical purposes. This is:

  • browser type and browser version
  • the operating system you use
  • referrer URL, that is to say the web pages you visited beforehand
  • host name of the accessing computer/IP address (anonymised)
  • name of the relevant file accessed
  • the transferred data volume
  • notification of successful access
  • enquiring domain
  • date and time of the server enquiry.

Dithmarschen County is not able to allocate these data to a specific person. These data are not merged with other data sources.
Personal data are only collected via the contact form; information provided in this form is voluntary.

Why is user data stored?
The storage of user data serves to guarantee the operational safety of this web site. It allows Dithmarschen County to determine where errors occur on this web site and correct or improve the content corresponding to the usage requirements. For this, Dithmarschen County uses the Open Source Analysis Tool Piwik.

3. Cookies
The web site uses so-called cookies at various places. They serve to make the site more user-friendly, efficient and safe. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer. Most of the cookies used are so-called "session cookies". They are automatically deleted at the end of your visit. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain viruses.

4. Use or transmission of personal data
Should you have provided personal data via the contact form or by Email, we will only use this data to answer your enquiries or to conclude any contracts with us which you have requested and, if necessary, also for technical administration. Your personal data are usually not sent to third parties – unless this is absolutely necessary to conclude a contract or a settlement. Naturally you have the right to revoke any previous consent you have given. We will then immediately delete the stored personal data if you revoke your consent but also if such storage is not permissible for other legal reasons.

5. Right to information
You have at all times the right to information regarding your stored personal data, their origin and recipients as well as the purpose of storing. The controller of data protection of Dithmarschen County will provide information on stored data.

6. Additional information
As your trust is very important to us, we will gladly answer your questions regarding processing of your personal data. If you have any questions which this explanation of data protection could not answer or if you wish to have more in-depth information, you are welcome to contact the data protection commissioner of Dithmarschen County at any time.

7. Email security note:
We endeavour at all times to store your personal data so that they are not accessible to third parties. For this, we use all technical and organizational possibilities available to us. However, we cannot guarantee complete data security for communication via Email.