Child care

Parents are responsible for the care and education of their children. The government supports families by offering advice and creating care facilities.
Child care should promote a child's development so that the child can grow up to become a self-reliant and socially competent person. It also supports and supplements the upbringing and education within the family.

There are two kinds of child care in Germany:

  • care in a day-care centre (KiTa/Kindertagesstätte) in small groups – in some cases of mixed ages
  • care by a day-mother or day-father at their home or at your home

We would like to encourage you to make use of the existing offers provided for child care. This will make it easier for you to pursue a professional activity. Your child is nurtured in a holistic manner and has the opportunity to play with and learn from other children. Visiting the KiTa also helps develop the child's language skills.

As from 1 August 2013, each child older than 12 months is legally entitled to a place in a day-care centre. The costs for child care vary depending on the child’s age and the parents’ income.

Child day-care centres / Kindergarten

KiTa-Portal Dithmarschen

You will find useful information on child care in Dithmarschen on the KiTa-Portal Dithmarschen.

Apart from plenty of information, you can also look for a day-care placement for your child here.