Local networks

he Round Table for Integration (RTI) is a forum geared towards the interest of citizens with a migrant background in Dithmarschen.

The purpose of the Round Table for Integration is to promote dialogue between people of German origin and people with a migrant background. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for people of different origins to meet at joint events.

Work groups are formed to realize individual projects.
The RTI also aims to create inspirations for a migration-sensitive structure of local administration and community.

Anybody who wishes to participate in this area is most welcome. We would like to invite in particular those people who have their roots outside Germany but have found a new home in Dithmarschen, to get involved. There is so much that each individual can contribute to enrich our lives.

In addition to individuals, representatives of clubs, associations and institutions can also belong to the Round Table.

On 14.11.2012 the Round Tables of Heide, Meldorf and Brunsbüttel all held their meeting and started their work at the same time.