Clubs and associations

In Germany, clubs and active club life have a long tradition. It does not matter whether the focus is on sports, culture or social – almost everybody is involved some or other thematic group during their leisure time.

There is a vast range of local clubs:

  • sports clubs, in which you can participate in different kinds of sport
  • music associations, in which you can make music socially
  • arts and cultural associations, in which you can shape cultural life
  • promotional associations support facilities, events or social causes through donations and commitment
  • the local voluntary fire services
  • associations to protect local customs
  • ...the list is endless!

Membership in clubs/associations is legally safe if they carry the abbreviation "e.V."; this means they have been audited. In most cases a membership fee is charged. Financially challenged families are subsidised.

Here you will find a list of all the active clubs/associations in Dithmarschen