What do I do if I become unemployed?

If you become unemployed, you should get advice from the Agentur für Arbeit.

Appointments can be made by phone:
Tel.: 01801/555 111 (Landline cost: 3.9 ct/min; mobile phone cost maximum 42 ct/min).
online: Online form
In person at the reception of the Agentur für Arbeit (Labour Office).

You are entitled to financial support while you are unemployed.

Unemployment Benefit I:

Unemployment Benefit I (Arbeitslosengeld I (ALG I)) is an insurance benefit for unemployed persons who have contributed to the unemployment insurance for more than one year. ALG I is paid to unemployed persons for a maximum of one year to secure their livelihood. Responsible office is the Agentur für Arbeit (see above).

Unemployment Benefit II – ALG II:

Unemployment Benefit II is paid to all unemployed persons who have not contributed to the unemployment insurance at all or have not contributed for long enough.

Responsible office is the Job Centre.

Child benefit:

German and immigrated families with permanent residence status are given financial support for their children; you will receive the so-called child benefit for each child. It is also paid if you are unemployed.

Asylum-seekers and tolerated foreigners are not entitled to child benefit.

Applications for Child Benefit can be applied for at: Familienkasse der Agentur für Arbeit (see above).