Project XENOS-Transfer

Dithmarschen County’s motivation behind XENOS-Transfer is to create a welcome structure in which cultural diversity is recognised and valued as the social norm. As our society has become more colourful, structures and customs must also be adapted to social reality.

The focus of the project is on the promotion of networking for and between people with a migrant background as well as an intercultural opening up of public administration.

XENOS coordinates activities to support the integration of people with a migrant background. The intention is to optimize collaboration in the region based on improved networking between persons involved in this field. The objective is designed to enable people with a migrant background to be able to participate equally in social, economic and political processes. This requires an initial awareness of existing access barriers and discrimination to allow for their subsequent removal.

A further important key component of the project is the intercultural opening up of public administration. In order to facilitate access to public services for people with a migrant background, information material has been created and further training organised for employees in government offices.

XENOS-Transfer is a project group which is coordinated through the Schleswig-Holstein Academy of Economics and consists of five subprojects. Dithmarschen County is one of these subprojects.

You can find additional information on the XENOS project here.